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Alumni Search Service
SNU BIZ Members (Business College Mobile Address Book) application makes it easy to search for and save student information by faculty, faculty and staff.

SNU Biz Members (Mobile Address Book Application for Business University) provides faculty, faculty, MBA, CBA, and management research institute student address.

Faculty, faculty and staff are provided with photographs, affiliations, office locations, contacts, and emails. Students are provided with photos, company, email, and contact information. In the Contacts app, you can call, text, email, tag, and save addresses on your phone, and send group text, email, and group tags.

In addition, since it is an app that keeps valuable personal information, it is important to be careful about security, so you must agree to provide your information so that your information is displayed in the address book. If you lose your mobile phone, Was developed to be automatically erased.

Download the Address Book app from Market and log in to your business intranet account, and the Favorites screen will be displayed on the first screen. Through the favorite setting menu, it is possible to set a contact group to be mainly inquired by the user. Through the information setting menu, the user can update his / her changed information at any time, and can directly upload and take a photograph.