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[Admission] Confirmation of Documents Submission

Date 2018-03-08 Hit 3433

Confirmation of Documents Submission


For those who have submitted the documents for 2018 Global MBA/ SNU MBA, please click the banner below.

  • Document Incompleted : the documents submitted are not properly made out.  
  • Please submit complete documents by Friday, March 23rd, 2018.
  • It will be updated 2~3 business days after the documents are successfully arrived.



Global MBA

1. 대학(교)(University) : 서울대학교 (Seoul National University)
2. 모집구분(Program) : 경영전문대학원(GMBA/SMBA) (School of Business(GMBA/SMBA) )
3. 성명(Name) :
4. 수험번호(Registration Number) :
5. 생년월일(Date of Birth): only 6 numbers, (ex) 960101
6.  우측에 보이는 숫자를 모두 입력해 주세요(Put all numbers you can see on the screen):