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[2012 Global MBA] Guidance on Admission & Enrollment

Date 2012-05-04 Hit 6082
Scholarship Application.doc ( 112 KB, download: 582 )
Guidance on Admission & Enrollment
1. Enrollment
a.Period : June 4th (Mon) ~ June 7th (Thur) 16:00 (Korea Standard Time), 4 days
b.Tuition shall be paid as stated in the tuition payment form.
Tuition for the first term : KRW 10,739,000
d. Payment Method : Bank Transfer
- Account Number : 농협079-01-472794 (Seoul National University)
Bank Information (For using international wiring system)
1) Beneficiary Bank
     National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF)
     Seoul National University Branch, Seoul, Korea
2) Swift Code
   NACFKRSEXXX (11 Digits)
3) Beneficiary Name
   Seoul National University
4) Account Number
 079-01-472794 (Seoul National University)
Tuition should be paid in the exact amount as indicated (only in KRW).
     Applicant’s name should be stated in the transaction.
      Confirmation text message or email will be sent the day after your tuition is paid.
2. Certificate of Admission (Seoul National University)
Certificate of Admission will be mailed to the admitted students who need D-2 visa
 via international mail. You need to submit your certificate of admission (SNU) when
 you apply for D-2 visa.
3. Scholarship Application (First term only)
Students may apply for scholarship each term.
a. Period: May 14th (Mon) ~ 16th (Wed) 17:00 (KST), 3 days (Please be punctual.)
b. How to Apply
Please make sure to write down your personal information on the scholarship application form.
  c. Consideration
- Each application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.
- Scholarship will be notified on the tuition payment form (Available from May 30th, 2012). 
No announcement or individual note
   4. Application for Dormitory
SNU provides domestic (who live outside of Seoul)/international students with favorable housing service of the on-campus dormitory which are newly built only for graduate students (대학원생활관). Those who register the Global MBA program and wish to get into the dormitory can refer to following conditions.
  a. Conditions
- This enrollment of dorm will be effective from 1st and 2nd term (August 2012~February 2013) only.
- Students must go through application selection process for the 3rd and 4th term (March to December 2013) again.
- Master students (MBA students included) are ONLY available for twin room.
- Room rate: \208,000 (approx. $200) per month
- Roommate will be assigned randomly.
- After admitted, students will be required to pay 1 month dormitory fee as the deposit and monthly fee will be charged as well.
- Further information: visit the dorm website at
b. Timelines
- Application Available: July 9th~13th, 2012
- Result Announcement: August 6th, 2012
- Enrollment (payment): August 7th~10th, 2012
- Check in: August 27th (Mon), 2012
Dates are subject to change.
c. Note
- The detailed information about registration and payment will be announced after the dormitory rooms are assigned.
- Those who are not admitted have to manage on their own.
   5. Orientation (Mandatory)
  a. Orientation: August 16th (Thur) ~ 17th (Fri), 2012 (1 night and 2 days)
  b. Venue: Sorak Mountain
 ※ Further details will be announced.
   6. Others
  a. For students who complete enrollment, detailed information will be provided on June 14th (Thur) via email. Please    carefully read all information as supplied.
     (If necessary, please contact MBA office (, 02-880-2551, 1334))
  b. Please note that all students of SNU GSB must submit all required documents and follow the registration process as stated above. Any failure of the above will result denial or cancellation of admission.
Thank you for your cooperation.
MBA Admissions Office
Graduate School of Business
Seoul National University