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[2012 Global MBA, SNU MBA] TEPS Special Test

Date 2012-01-11 Hit 4179
SNU Campus Map.pdf ( 1 MB, download: 508 )

TEPS Special Test information for 2012 Global MBA and SNU MBA Admission

1. Purpose: This test is designed for those who do not have an English test score when applying for 2012 Global MBA or SNU MBA program.

2. Deadline for Online Application: Thursday, March 14, 2012

   * Please check the TEPS Special Test under "Test Score" when you fill in the online application form.

   * The deadline for online application of 2012 Global MBA and SNU MBA is March 30, 2012,

      however, if you would like to apply for TEPS Special Test, you must submit your online application and pay for application fee by Thursday, March 14, 2012.

3. TEPS Special Test Fee: 30,000 KRW (must be paid on exam day under instruction given by Language Education Institute.)

4. Test Date: 14:00 Thursday, March 22, 2012

    * Applicants must enter in the test room before 13:30

    * Prepare Indentification card (such as alien card or passport) and computer pen.

5. Test Location: Language Education Institute (Bldg 137) Seoul National University

                        (See the attached of SNU Campus Map)

6. TEPS Score: Test result will be sent to the applicant's cell phone or email on Thursday, March 29, 2012.