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  • Is it possible to take the MBA course while working?
  • How can I report GMAT score?
  • I am Korean living abroad. Am I eligible for an International Applicant?
  • I come from a non-business background. How is this viewed by the Admissions Committee? Am I at a disadvantage?
  • Is working experience required to apply for MBA program?
  • My English proficiency is high enough but I do not have an official English test score. Is there any exception?
  • How much is the tuition fee?
  • What are the advantages of MBA in Seoul National University, compared to other global top-notch schools?
  • What are the general criteria and qualifications for admission?
  • What is the difference between Global MBA and SNU MBA?
  • Are there any financial aid or scholarship available?
  • How can I apply for Dual-degree Program?

SNU MBA is a full-time 16-month intensive program, which requires your full-time dedication to study. In addition to the academic rigor, you will need to participate in various extracurricular activities and career development programs. Hence it would be very difficult to attend school and hold down a job at the same time.

Please check the code number when officially reporting your GMAT score.

International applicants must satisfy either one of the following requirements;

1) Both you and your parents should have foreign nationality and be able to provide a copy of foreign passport.
2) You should receive entire education from elementary to undergraduate (16-year education) outside Korea. You are not eligible for an ’international applicant,’ if you have received even a single year of education in Korea.

We admit candidates from a wide variety of academic and business backgrounds. Preference is not given to any particular major or field.

Not necessarily, candidates without experience are eligible to apply.

You are exempted from submitting English test scores in either one of the following cases:

1) if you acquired a bachelor’s degree from the following countries of Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and USA,
or 2) if you received more than 3 years of education in the above-mentioned countries.

The total tuition fee is approximately USD40,000 for the entire program, which consists of 4 terms. You will pay approximately USD10,000 per term.

First, if you have qualifications for MBA programs offered by prestigious schools in the U.S., you will be able to study at SNU with financial aid. (Of course, if you are admitted into the dual degree program, you are to pay the tuition of partner institution.) Further, because SNU operates 1.5-year MBA programs, you can benefit from substantially reduced opportunity costs of earning your MBA degree as compared to a 2-year MBA program.

Second, SNU boasts the strongest social network in Korea because the SNU alumni paly a leading role not only in the Korean business society but also in the political and social arena. Once you are admitted into SNU’s MBA programs, you are connected to the most reseurceful and powerful network in Korea.

Lastly, to provide students with more global learning experience, SNU MBA expands its partnerships with business schools abroad and currently runs exchange programs with over 20 prestigious business schools from 13 countries.

Please go to the following link to find out the statistics of admitted students’ profile each year.
GMBA Introduction > Student Profile

Global MBA offers 100% English curriculum where students from diverse cultural backgrounds study together in a truly globalized educational environment. On the other hand, SNU MBA program, taught in both Korean and English, caters to the needs for in-depth study by providing three concentration tracks of Strategy & Planning, Marketing and Finance. During the third term, however, Global MBA and SNU MBA students are mixed together in elective classes taught by SNU faculty. Also, students from both programs can equally enjoy opportunities for Study Abroad Programs such as Double-degree and Student Exchange Programs.

Scholarship is available based on both academic excellence and financial needs. The Admissions Committee decides whom to grant scholarship each term. You are required to submit application for scholarship every semester to be reviewed by the committee except the first term.

MBA students at SNU can apply for a dual-degree program at a school that SNU GSB has a dual-degree partnership with. The program allows students to obtain a degree from both SNU and the host institution with a year’s study at each institution. Partnership schools are Yale (U.S.), Duke (U.S.), ESSEC (France), Peking University (China) and Hitotsubashi ICS (Japan). Applicants must meet the admission criteria of the host institution and go through the document screening and interview processes that ususally take place between February and April. Successful candidates need to enroll in the host institute around August after they finish the third term at SNU. Click here(link) for details regarding SNU Dual-degree Program.