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A. Score details

School Types Score Document Screening Interview /Oral exam
School of
Regular 1st selection 100 100 -
2nd selection 200 100 100
International 200 200 -

B. Selection details

School Types Selection details
School of
Regular 1st selection
(Document screening)
(1) Early decision: Up to 30% of the applicants can be admitted by the 1st selection based on the results of document screening.
(2) Interview/Oral examination: Candidates will be selected within two fold of the total number of admission quota excluding the number of early decision based on the results of document screening.
2nd selection
(Interview/Oral exam)
The final candidates will be selected within the quota except the number of early decision on the basis of the combined results of document screening and the interview/oral examination.
The final candidates will be selected solely on the basis of document screening in consideration of overall evaluation of candidate’s academic achievements and potential. The number of slots for international students is yet to be determined by the admission committee.
※ Interview/Oral examination: Only the candidates who passed the first screening except those who admitted early will be interviewed.

C. Interview/Oral examination

1) Date : May 1(Sat), 2021
2) Venue : LG Building (59-dong)
※ Further information for Interview/Oral Examination will be posted in GSB website ( when the 1st selection result is announced.
※ Video interview
- Only foreign residents and persons in special circumstances can apply for a video interview at the time of application. However, the applicant should be consulted with the Graduate School of Business in advance to determine whether the applicant is eligible for the video interview. - Video interviewees must submit the evidence document that they were in a foreign country(Certificate of Facts concerning the Entry & Exit issued in Korea) or were in other special circumstances(eg. Medical certificate issued by a general hospital) on the interview day. Admission will be canceled if you apply for a video interview in an unfair way such as providing false information or conducting a proxy interview.
Application Procedure(online)
A. Date : March 2 (Mon), 2021 (from 10:00) ~ March 19 (Fri) (by 17:00)
※ Application deadline for TEPS special test applicants: March 2 (Tue), 2021 (from 10:00) ~ March 8 (Mon), 2021 (by 17:00)
(Note) Application fee must be payed by the deadline.

B. Application fee(including commission)

- 75,000 KRW(including application fee for 2nd selection(20,000 KRW)

C. How to apply

Find the notice concerning “Global MBA/SNU MBA admission” on SNU Admission website( Then open the online application program, and create your account on the online application website.

D. Note

1) Online application for the 2021 intake must by completed by 17:00(Korean standard time), March 19 (Fri), 2021. The application must include all of the relevant information along with application payment via online.
2) Please check all relevant information before submitting online application since any modification or cancellation of text and application refund is not allowed after the online application is submitted(with payment of the application fee).