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Professor Introduction

Sun Hyun Park is Associate Professor of Strategy and International Management at College of Business, Seoul National University. Prior to joining SNU, he served as Assistant Professor of Management and Organization at Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. He completed his B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from Seoul National University and received his Ph.D. in Corporate Strategy from Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

Professor Park’s research focuses on how corporate managers cope with a firm’s external environment, which includes technological, institutional, and competitive dynamics. He teaches topics in corporate strategy, corporate governance, and research methods both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Professor Park is a recipient of the Academy of Management Best Paper Award (OMT, 2010) and the Strategy Research Foundation Dissertation Scholar award (2011) from Strategic Management Society. He serves on the editorial review board for Strategic Management Journal and Strategic Organization (2019-2021). He also serves as a global representative for the Organization and Management Theory division of the Academy of Management (2017-2019).

Education & Experiences

Education [학력]
Ph.D. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 2012
M.B.A. Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University, 2003
B.B.A. College of Business Administration, Seoul National University, 2000

Academic Positions [경력]
Assistant Professor of Management and Organization, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, 2012-2014
Instructor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 2009

Awards and Honors [수상]
- Best Paper Award for "Is Blood Thicker than Water? Sibling Rivalry and Strategic Change in Family Business Groups", with Seok Jin Ko, Strategic Management Society, Hong Kong Special Conference, 2016
- International Scholarship Award, Korean Academy of Management, 2016
- Emerging Scholar Award, Korean Academic Society of Business Administration, 2015
- Emerging Scholar Award, Korean Society of Strategic Management, 2015
- Pioneering Scholarship Research Grant, Seoul National University, 2015
- Dissertation Scholar Award, Strategic Management Society, Strategy Research Foundation, 2012
- Best Paper Award for "Helping Other CEOs Avoid Bad Press: Impression Management Support among CEOs toward Journalists", Organization and Management Theory Division, with James Westphal, Michael McDonald, and Mathew Hayward, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2011
- Gerald & Lillian Dykstra Fellowship, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan (awarded for teaching and academic excellence), 2010-2011


Research Interest [주요 연구분야]
기업전략, 기업 지배구조, 최고경영진과 기업 이사회의 전략적 의사결정 과정
Strategy; Corporate Governance; Sociology of Financial Markets; Social and Psychological Processes in Strategic Decision Making of the Top Management Team

Journal Publications [학술지 논문]
[1] Park S.H. and Westphal, J.D., 2013, “Social Discrimination in the Corporate Elite: How Status Affects the Propensity for Minority CEOs to Receive Blame for Low Firm Performance”, Administrative Science Quarterly, 58:542-586
[2] Westphal, J.D. and Park S.H., 2012, “Unintended Agency: Impression Management Support as a Trigger of Institutional Change in Corporate Governance”, Research in Organizational Behavior, 32: 23-46
[3] Westphal, J.D., Park, S.H., McDonald, M.L. and Hayward, M.L.A., 2012, “Helping Other CEOs Avoid Bad Press: Impression Management Support among CEOs towards Journalists”, Administrative Science Quarterly, 57:217-268 [won Best Paper Award for OMT Division of the Academy of Management, 2011]
[4] Park, S.H., Westphal, J.D., and Stern, I., 2011, “Set Up For a Fall: The Insidious Effects of Flattery and Opinion Conformity Toward Corporate Leaders”, Administrative Science Quarterly, 56: 257-302