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Required Documents
A. Date : March 2(Mon), 2020 ~ March 23(Mon), 2020 (by 17:00)
B. Venue : Graduate School of Business at Seoul National University
- Via registered mail or in person
- Address: MBA office(Admission)
Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University LG Building(59-dong), Room 205
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826 Korea Rep.
- Tel: 02-880-2551(Korean), 02-880-2591(English)
C. Required documents for all applicants
( ○ must submit , △ if applicable, × not applicable )
No. Documents Regular International Notes
category category
1 Application Form - Printout application form after completing online application
- Applicant's english name should match the name on passport or official certificate of nationality.
2 Official transcript of bachelor’s degree and higher(if applicable), 1 each - Submit official transcripts from all universities and colleges you have attended.
- Prospective graduating students in August 2020 must submit the certificate of expected graduation and the transcript with grades up to the 2nd semester 2019.
3 Two recommendation letters - Form download(
- From two different persons
4 Personal statement and Study/Career Plan - form download(
5 Proof of English Proficiency
(A score report of recognized English Proficiency Test within two years)
- Global MBA: 1 among TOEFL, TEPS, IELTS
6 GMAT or GRE score report (Optional) if applicable No limit on test date
7 Resume - Form download(
8 Certificate of work
experience, 1 each
- (Optional) if applicable
9 Certificate of corporate sponsorship verification - (Optional) if applicable
- Form download(
10 Agreement for verification of academic record X X X - Graduates from foreign educational institutions are required to provide information for verification of academic record when writing the online application (No specific form provided)

※ Information that graduates from foreign educational institutions should prepare includes graduation dates, an email address of the person in charge of verification of academic record, and contacts of relevant offices.
11 SNU Scholarship
- If need
- Applicants receiving scholarships from outside institutions and those receiving grants from the company in which they are employed can not apply for SNU scholarship.
※ Applicants who have acquired a bachelor’s degree or higher in foreign education institutions will be required to provide a graduation certificate and an apostille for his/her transcripts if admitted.
※ If the applicant is supported by his/her corporate company, he/she is required to submit the certificate of corporate sponsorship verification from the company.
D. Additional documents for international admission
No. Documents International Notes
categoryⅠ categoryⅡ
1 Official bachelor’s degree or (expected) graduation certificate - Submit separately from official transcript
- Only in Korean or in English Photocopies authenticated officially by the graduated universities or colleges are regarded as “original”.
- Date of graduation or expected date of graduation must be written.
- The Apostille or the attachment of an Authentication issued by the Korean Embassy or Consulate are not necessary (However, the apostille is mandatory if an applicant will be admitted.)
* See Appendix
2 Copies of the applicant and both parents’ passports, 1 each - The expiry date must be valid.
2-1 Other official documents indicating the applicant’s and both parents’ nationalities, 1 each - Only for the applicant and the applicant’s parents not having available passports.
- Other official supporting documents indicating the nationality must be original or notarized except for passport.
- Chinese nationals: Certificate of nationality issued by the notary public of chinese government within 6 months.
3 Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and his/her parents × - Certificate of family relation, Birth certificate
- Chinese national: Certificate of family relation issued by the notary public of chinese government within 6 months.
4 Certificate of facts concerning the entry & exit in Korea (issued by the Korean immigration office/Community service center in Korea/Korean embassy) × - From birth until now
(within two months from application deadline)
E. Notes in common
1) Original documents should be submitted. However, should they be unavailable, copies must be authenticated by the university/institution that issued them or notarized by a public notary in the country where the document was originally produced.
2) Documents in languages other than English or Korean are not accepted. If the document is written in any other foreign language, eh/she must submit a notarized/certified translation (in English or Korean) completed by a public notary in the country where the document was originally produced.
3) The admissions staff reserves the right to require additional documents from applicants, should there be any need to clarify the eligibility or to verify the authenticity of the submitted materials. If an applicant is unable to submit any required documents, the School reserves the right to cease consideration of the application.
4) Graduates from chinese educational institutions: submit official certificates issued by “China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center” which must be notarized by the Chinese Embassy.(
F. Notes for international admission
1) Documents for International AdmissionⅠ: Nationality, Family relations
- International Admission I applicant should submit proofs of applicant and both parents’ nationality AND a proof of parent-child relationship. In case of parents’ divorce/death, related documents should be submitted.
- In case of Admission I, applicant who obtained foreign citizenship over Korean nationality OR applicant who renounced his/her Korean citizenship from dual (Korean and foreign) citizenship/nationality should submit a proof document for renunciation of Korean nationality (ie. Certificate for renunciation of Korean citizenship, Korean residence registration as a foreigner etc.).
- 戶口簿 in Chinese is not acceptable as a proof of nationality. Copy of passport or a proof of nationality by 公证处 (issued within 6 months) in English or Korean is acceptable.
- Photocopies of ID card is unaccepted as a proof of nationality.
- International Admission II applicant who is eligible to apply for admissions type I should submit Certificate of Facts concerning the Entry and Exit issued by Korean immigration office.

2) Documents for International Admission Ⅱ: Certificate of Facts concerning the Entry & Exit
- Submission of the “Certificate of Facts concerning the Entry & Exit” is mandatory and this certificate must contain a complete record from date of birth to two months prior to application date. The applicant will take full responsibility for any disadvantages or cancellation of admission if the verification of entry and exit is not available due to false information or dual citizenship.
- If there is any omission, applicant must submit the Certificate of School Attendance(transcripts, certification of graduation, etc.) corresponding angles to the missing period in the record.
- In case of any personal information having been modified (from being naturalized as a foreign citizen, change of name, issuance of a new passport and etc.), he/she must submit a complete record of entry and exit from date of birth to two months prior to application date including those records prior to the applicable change.
- Applicants holding dual citizenship are required to submit the Certificate of Facts concerning the Entry and Exit applicable to each passport, respectively.
- The passport number on the passport copy must correspond to the passport number on the certificate of facts concerning entry and exit. If not, please submit a related document or a written explanation.
- This certificate is issued by the Korean Immigration Office/Community Service Center in Korea (residing in Korea) OR Korean Embassy/Consulate abroad (residing outside of Korea, only for Korean citizenship holders).
- Please verify the accuracy of information as the applicant will take full responsibility for any disadvantages arising from errors and/or omission of the necessary information on the document.
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